A Book is just like YOU!

Do you know that a book is just like you? It’s true! Think about it:

• On the day you were born, you were given a name. A book is given a name, too — it’s called a title.
• You have a spine that helps to keep your body together. A book also has a spine, which keeps the book’s body of pages together.
• You don’t go to school naked — you wear clothes to keep warm, protect your skin, show off your fashion sense and, of course, to keep out of the principal’s office! Books wear clothes, too. A book’s clothes are called a cover, or jacket, and like clothes, they keep the inside of a book protected from things like kids with sticky ice cream fingers and little baby brothers.

With vibrant illustrations and hilarious comparisons, A Book is Just Like You is the perfect teaching tool for helping students understand their books — inside and out. Grades K-3. By Kathleen Fox. Illustrated by John Wallace. 32 pp. ISBN 978-1-60213-060-9 2012.


Get yourself into fun-brarian mode by incorporating library skills with fun games and activities! This book provides 20 library games such as Mystery Reviewer, Library Basketball, The Spine Game and Media Memory. Quick activity ideas for every grade and reproducible certificates and awards are also included. Each game and activity is classified by the skill/objective, grade and time required.

Grades K-5.

By Kathleen Fox. 80 pp. ISBN 1-932146-86-5 2007.

The Pirates of Plagiarism

Plagiarism! Plagiarism! 25 Fun Games and Activities to Teach Documenting and Sourcing Skills to Students

Trouble is lurking outside the Clearview Elementary School. The blundering Captain Bumbo and his goofy pirate crew have spied what just may be a chest full of treasure sitting in the library, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on it—even if that means capturing Mrs. Finch, the librarian!

But Captain Bumbo doesn’t count on the one thing standing in his way—a group of savvy students who arrive in the library to do research. The students are determined to carry out their task, and they even enlist the pirates’ help. Not surprisingly, Captain Bumbo and his crew are clueless about how to conduct proper research, and the students are shocked by their unethical recommendations. Will the silly Pirates of Plagiarism ever learn? In this hilarious introduction to plagiarism, readers will ultimately discover that when it comes to real treasure, there is an awful lot of it right in their own minds!

* Grades 1–4
* By Kathleen Fox and Lisa Downey
* Illustrated by Lisa Downey
* 32 pp.
* ISBN 978-1-60213-053-1 2010

Plagiarism! Plagiarism!

25 Fun Games and Activities to Teach Documenting and Sourcing Skills to Students

Are you ready to have some fun with referencing? That’s right: learning proper sourcing can be enjoyable for students, and plagiarism minimized in the process! For too long, getting students in the habit of correct sourcing has been a challenge for many teachers and media specialists. After all, it can be a dry and confusing subject. But it doesn’t have to be! A great companion to the UpstartBooks picture book The Pirates of Plagiarism (No. H175359) , Plagiarism! Plagiarism! is designed to help educators cleverly introduce the importance of citing work through unique games, activities and reproducibles. It addresses basic questions and concepts pertaining to plagiarism, including

* What is plagiarism
* What is right and what is wrong
* What is a source
* Where can good information be found
* Cross-referencing information for accuracy
* Properly rewording information
* Identifying different types of reference materials
* Developing an awareness of different documentation styles

Chock-full of simple, kid-friendly ways to teach the dos and don’ts of sourcing, Plagiarism! Plagiarism! will inspire your students to remember the rules of referencing—and have a lot of library fun along the way! Grades 2–6.

By Kathleen Fox. 56 pp. ISBN 978-1-60213-050-0 2010.

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